About Us

Who We Are

We are a Graphic, Print & Web Design Studio with a Strategic Marketing background working for small and large businesses across Australia and the world.

Our Mission

Is to help businesses like yours to develop a creative and engaging voice through design that gets the response you want and gives you an edge over your competitors.

We Believe

Good design needs to be functional, engaging and clear in its message. We are big believers in the KISS principle (Keep it Simple Stupid), as a simple message is more memorable then a complex one.

The Motley Crew

Dan Ellis

Dan Ellis

Creative Director

Dan has been freelancing forever, and has worked with some of Australias best known brands. He’s easy going, loves to have fun at work, and will go above and beyond for his clients. He’s also sleep deprived, overworked, and undervalued both at home and at work and is pretty much an indentured servant to his wife, two daughters, and everyone on the team.

Timothy Sali

Timothy Sali

Sales & Account Manager

We’d been working with Tim for years when he was with Compusult and Telstra, and were happy when he jumped ship and joined us in 2019. A well know figure in the Shepparton business community, Tim is also a purple belt in something called Jiu Jitsu. We are not sure what that is, but we think it is some sort of ninja. Participants roll around and legally grope each other until one person can’t stop giggling. We don’t understand it, but we support it.

Aaron Florey

Aaron Florey

Systems Architect & Developer

An avid Rick and Morty Fan, Aaron joined the team back in 2016. He started doing a few casual jobs, and just… stayed. He has all the logins to everything, and thus all the power. He’s known for loudly declaring something can’t be fixed, before stumbling onto a solution 5 minutes later. He has a fear of pants.

Alycia Bourne

Alycia Bourne

Designer on Mat leave

Currently on Mat leave, Alycia came on board at EC after critiquing some of Dan’s work during a temporary role with a client. He hired her immediately, so she couldn’t tell anyone else about his failings as a designer. He can also have the pleasure of firing her if it happens again. When she’s not off having babies, she brings a fun, alternative, and slightly frizzy persona into the office. She also brings joy to all our clients by leaving funny surprises on their usb’s.

Our Partners

Compusult are our tech wizards - when shit happens - and it does, we call them. Enough said.


We work with ambitious clients to drive sustained, measured growth through search, paid and social.


Ian and the team deliver so much more than a printing service - their attention to detail is outstanding.


Di is a magnificient photographer, and better person. We use her for all our event and commercial shoots.